Stop Living With an Awful Bathroom Now – You Can Have the Bathroom of Your Dreams Starting Today

Is your bathroom past its sell by date, are you living with cracked ceramic tiles, leaky creaking taps and is your suite design really old fashioned?

Then you need to take action and discover the joy and benefits of having a bright, clean, modern bathroom.

When I first bought my current home 12 years ago I was extremely pleased with the rock bottom price I paid. I purchased from an elderly lady who had lived in the property all of her life. This did mean that a lot of work needed doing in order to bring the property into shape. To be honest I did underestimate the length of time and impact of this on my well being.

The two worst rooms in the house where without a doubt the Kitchen and Bathroom. They where terribly out dated and I just felt depressed going into them every day, in fact taking a long hot bath in a room that lacks luxury to me just feels so wrong.

That’s why I decided quickly I was going to tackle my bathroom and get it transformed. If you are in this position I suggest you just make a decision and take action today.

To start with I removed and replaced the bath panel and then changed the flooring with some low cost laminate flooring. In addition to this I replaced the bath tub and sink taps using a local plumber to install them.

Finally I chiselled off all the old tiles and replaced them with some nice clean white ones I bought online from a kitchen ceramic tiles web site. This really made the room and finished off my decorating project nicely. This is all took me less than a week and I bought everything online really cheaply.

I really want to encourage you to make a start today and sort your own bathroom out. I guarantee you will no regrets and feel so much better for it.

Trends to Watch in the Kitchen and Bath

Home design and décor have always been a hot topic for people – after all, we all have to live somewhere, and we want to make that somewhere as pleasant as possible to spend time in! As the interests and needs of homeowners grow and evolve, then so too do the trends in home design and décor and this is none more visible than it is when it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom.

The current trends in kitchen décor and design aim to create a space in your home that is beautiful and still functional. Current kitchen design trends place extra emphasis on transforming the room into something that works for you, specifically, and not just something that may look great in the pages of a home décor magazine, but does not actually do much for you in application.

5 Kitchen Design Trends

1.) Design Around Your Life and Needs: This is the most important – without this key element, everything else is pointless. When you redo the kitchen, make sure it is something that works with you instead of against you, and contains elements that align with your personal needs. For instance, if you love to bake, then a special or oversized oven is a great addition to your kitchen. If you do not love to bake, and the oven will just sit there and collect dust, why waste the space, even if it looks nice?

2.) Prosumer appliances: The popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs have bred a new type of kitchen appliance called “prosumer.” Prosumer appliances merge professional kitchen equipment elements with designs and setups that make them practical for the average homeowner’s kitchen, giving you state of the art appliances to work with without having to install an entire commercial kitchen.

3.) Black cabinets: Black cabinetry is popping up in kitchens everywhere. It is a bold and dramatic statement that works well in many different design schemes. For a retro feel, go with chrome cabinet handles and other hardware. For a rich and elegant look, go for oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware. Tie the hardware details together with matching locksets and door knobs.

4.) Storage, storage, storage: Everyone knows storage is important, but when you go to add more to your kitchen, again think about point number 1 – get something that works for you. For example, if you are a homeowner that loves to entertain, large cabinets and cupboards that can accommodate large pots, pans, and serving platters are a good idea. If you do not have giant dishes, then you do not need cupboards that large.

5.) Change your counters: If you can’t change everything in your kitchen and are relegated to small changes, try swapping out your counters to get a whole new fresh look.

Similar to the kitchen, today’s bathroom trends focus on your needs as an individual or family to create a sanctuary or retreat that you can relax in that is not cluttered up with a lot of things you do not need or will not use.

Five Ways to Bringing Better Green Energy Into the Bathroom

Of all the rooms in the house, people don’t immediately think about the bathroom as a place where thinking about green energy is a major concern. But the fact is that those who are trying to embrace the world of the eco-conscious should look beyond the typical areas where people tend to focus, like the kitchen, and figure out the best methods for changing things up all over the place, not just in a single corner of the household. And for anyone who is wondering why the bathroom in the first place, it’s pretty obvious: from showering to handling nature’s call, people tend to spend a lot of time in there, so it only makes sense to figure out better methods of keeping things going (and making things pretty) in there. Here are five ways to go even greener in the restroom.

#1 – Use cold water when possible. Because no one wants to take a freezing cold bath in the middle of the winter months, sometimes the suggestion to help out the planet by using less hot water doesn’t really result in people agreeing or seeming happy. But for other tasks, like rinsing one’s hair during the middle of summer or brushing teeth, there’s less of a reason to keep the faucet water piping hot. So remember that.

#2 – Turn off the faucet when brushing one’s teeth. This is one of those simple habits that once broken, can seriously help out any household. While it might not seem like a big number, it really does start to add up when people are keeping faucets running without actually needing to. Don’t do that to the environment, and don’t

#3 – Try to get dimmers for lights and fancier bulbs. This way, there’s no need to crank up the lights and then burn out bulbs that aren’t made to last for a long time, plus with the addition of a fancier type of bulb, there’s no more worrying about endlessly replacing inferior products. While good for the environment, those bulbs with longer shelf life are also a great example of green energy being more convenient for a living space.

#4 – Consider recycling objects for use within the bathroom space. Whether it’s finding the perfect mirror on the side of the road or going antiquing to find a fantastic old sink, there are great ways to not spend money on new devices for a bathroom. And sometimes, especially when it’s all about the decorative touch, it’s definitely the best possible idea for how to save money and enjoy flair.

#5 – Go with active and passive solar energy, when applicable. Whether it’s keeping window shades open to have more sunlight heating the space during the daylight hours, installing a skylight so that it’s possible to get clean without even having to flip a switch, or even considering some solar panels for outdoors to heat water for bathing, green energy can manifest itself in a stunning variety of ways for a bathroom.