Installing a New Countertop – The Ideal Upgrade

There are a number of ways to upgrade a kitchen or a bathroom. One is a complete redesign that might include deluxe cabinets, hardwood flooring, an elaborate lighting scheme and imported tiles. The options and possibilities with any re-design are virtually limitless, as long as there’s a budget to accommodate the scheme. However, for those who want to brighten the kitchen or the bathroom without having to endure the cost or inconvenience of a renovation project, the best solution is to replace the countertop.

Any interior designer will admit, certain items and finishes can be a focal point of any room. In a kitchen, the cabinet faces can be re-finished and the flooring replaced, and there will be a noticeable difference. However, by removing the old ceramic tiles and replacing them with granite or quartz, the entire kitchen will take on a new personality.

In a bathroom, removing the modest, cultured marble vanity top in favor of solid surface with a coved backsplash could make a world of difference. By adding a set of faucet fixtures, along with a coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, the results would suggest the bathroom has been redesigned.

There are numerous on-line sources where one can browse the vast selection of slabs and tiles that are available. The styles range from uniform designs, to textured tones that will complement existing cabinet finishes. Tile is relatively easy to work with, and a typical removal and replacement for an average kitchen could be accomplished over the course of a weekend.

As for the specifics of any tile installation, a mortar bed with thin set adhesive is a proven application. In any situation where tile may be the material of choice, the installation should include a sanded grout, with clear sealer for added luster.

One of the most durable materials for a kitchen countertop is granite. In addition to this durability, it is one of the most versatile, since it is available in a variety of finishes and textures. The availability explains the popularity of granite among designers and builders of high-end custom homes.

As a result of this popularity, selecting a style for the kitchen is no longer a difficult endeavor. Many installers will provide samples that can be matched with the existing cabinet finishes in order to arrive at the ideal selection. The nature of the typical installation will omit any joints, and this eliminates the selection of any grout. A top-notch installation will include the tops, backsplash and precise cuts for the sink and any electrical outlets.

Upgrading to one of these finishes will all but eliminate cleaning with anything except a damp cloth. In addition, the homeowner will enjoy an attractive upgrade that will last for decades to come.