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How to Remodel a Bathroom – Do it Like a Pro

There are many questions when you start to consider how to remodel a bathroom. There was a time when getting ideas meant going to the hardware store and getting what you needed.

Today, between magazines, cable TV shows and the internet, including YouTube, finding remodeling ideas has never been easier. We’ll do our best to help your remodel get off to a great start, be pain free, on time, and on budget. So get ready to take a few notes and let’s get started.

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom can be the most important room in your house. When company comes over, those are the two rooms, without a doubt, that they will be visiting. It’s also the two rooms that can make your house look its best or its worst. You may have walked into a friend’s house before and have been blindsided by the nineteen-seventies d├ęcor.

In all the rooms of the house, it seems that the kitchen and the bathroom are the ones that can appear to be dated the most often. Today, we look at how to remodel a bathroom and bring that nineteen-seventies look to the twenty-first century.

The best starting point when remodeling is to have a plan. And, this means doing a little homework. Start with a blank sheet of paper, and even if you are not the best artist, draw a sketch of the bathroom, including exact measurements. Not only will you be measuring the length and the width of the room, but be sure to measure the vanity, the toilet and the bathtub or shower.

Knowing these exact measurements will help you when you go to buy their replacements. Now decide the style or look that you are going for. One of the keys to remodeling is making sure that all of the pieces come from the same style and coordinate with each other. Are you thinking about a modern look or perhaps a Victorian era style? Knowing these answers, we will narrow down the type of furniture and fixtures that you will need.

Now you have all the pieces of the puzzle and the only thing left to do is shop! Using your measurements of both the room and its fixtures, combined with the style you have chosen, you are ready to design your new bathroom! We hope these tips have helped you in your quest to make your home a dream home…

Don’t Get Cold Feet – Install Under Floor Heating In Your Bathroom

We have all had one of those really long relaxing soaks in the bath where we do not want to get out of the bath because it is cold in the bathroom, then you have the decision to make, do you bite the bullet and get yourself wrapped up in a towel or bath robe or do you keep adding hot water to your bath to keep the temperature hot enough for you to get an extra ten minutes soaking? One of the most dreaded feelings when you step out of the bath is having to put your feet onto a cold tile floor, not pleasant at all. If you have ever been in this situation maybe you should consider fitting under floor heating to your bathroom.

Under floor heating makes a real difference to the feel of a bathroom, stepping out of a hot bath and placing your feet on a warm tiled floor is an amazing feeling. Not only does under floor heating add a fantastic touch to your bathroom but it is very efficient to run, it is very easy to install and it will add great value to your property. On top of all of these benefits it is also very low maintenance.

So if you are considering laying a new floor in your bathroom and you are prepared to make a very slight investment to improve the feel of your bathroom you might be very wise to seriously think about laying under floor heating for all the family to enjoy?

With the cost of heating the modern home rising all the time people are looking for cheaper and more efficient ways to heat their homes. With the onset of the housing boom a few years ago companies started to develop cost effective under floor heating systems that could be used domestically as under floor heating is a very economical way to heat a room. Although you can use under floor throughout the house the rooms that it is most suited to are the kitchen and the bathroom, of course the bathroom was where the Romans initially designed under heating for. So how easy is it to lay under floor heating and what is the best way to do it?

As the name suggests you have to lay under floor heating systems under whatever floor covering you are using. The best flooring to use to make sure that you get the most out of your under floor heating is floor tiles as these radiate the heat efficiently.

Before you lay your under floor heating you will need to ensure that you have a good sturdy, level base on which to lay the system as well as lay the floor covering over the top. When this is done and the pipes or cables are laid and wired up to the heat source you should cover the floor with a thin layer of screed.

When this is dried you can set your floor tiles down in the same way that you would normally. As soon as the floor tiles have set and been grouted in place you can try out your new heating system. It may take a little while for you to get the grasp of the settings but soon enough you should be reaping the benefits of an under heating system in your bathroom.

The Latest Trends of Home Flooring Remodeling

The flooring in a home needs to be remodeled in course of time. This is because the flooring goes through wear and tear due to the amount of people walking on it and putting it through stress. The flooring in a home should not only look attractive but should also be safe and comfortable for the people in the house. The elderly and the children should not slip and fall and thus hurt themselves.

There are many varieties of home flooring available in the market. The three common varieties used are hardwood or wood, laminate and tile. You should choose the one that is most convenient for your home and the people living in it.
Laminate is used in offices and homes as flooring material. In this, there are multiple layers of flooring material. The laminate layers underneath help in controlling humidity and isolate sounds. The top layers act as a protection to the bottom layers. They come in beautiful designs. When it is compared with linoleum or carpet placed on the floor, there will be no problem of marks, like burn marks on the floor. It is also Eco friendly.

Wooden floors add beauty to a home, whether it is hard wood or solid wood. It gives a cozy feel and is not slippery. It feels comfortable to walk on. This type of flooring lasts for many years and you need not replace it for quite some time as it is very durable and is of high quality.

Tiles are the preferred choice when it comes to flooring in most homes. It gives an elegant look and the finish is smooth. This is best choice for the kitchen and the bathroom where the place has to be cleaned frequently. You can whose granite, ceramic. This is not only easy to install and maintain but is also Eco friendly and hygienic. It is also long lasting and hence good for remodeling. It is very good for humid climates, since it can be cleaned and does not retain moisture.

The latest trends involve getting flooring that is pale or light in color. This means that it has to be maintained properly. You also get wood grain ceramic tiles which look like wood but are easier to maintain. Even bamboo and cork is being used for flooring.

The kitchen is the center of the home. When remodeling it, the flooring should be given special attention. It should be durable, washable and easy to maintain. You can use ceramic tiles, hardwood, marble or concrete, depending on your choice and remodel the kitchen flooring.

The flooring has to be the best and should be chosen with care, as this is what we stand on all the time, when we are at home. The flooring goes through a lot of wear and tear and hence needs to be strong and durable. While remodeling, you should choose the material that suits your home and get the right person to install it. If you are going to remodel it by yourself, get the proper instruction to do it the right way. The flooring should be comfortable, Eco friendly and attractive. Get the services of a decorator who will guide as to the material that can be used and the estimated cost of the flooring.

Go to the websites and read magazines to know about the latest trends in home flooring remodeling and then make a decision.