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How to Renovate Your Kitchen and Get the Best Return on Your Investment

Many homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes right now rather than try to sell it in the lower real estate market. There is an overabundance of homes for sale right now and because it is a buyer market, people are not getting the price they would have gotten for their home if they would have sold it a few years ago. Because of this real estate slump, people are deciding to stay in their homes and make changes and renovations rather than moving to a new one. To receive the best return on your investment, you should really look at renovating two rooms in your home: the kitchen and the bathrooms. The kitchen is the number one space that gets close to a 100% return on your investment. This is why you should just make the decision to make your kitchen the best that you can possibly make it. The following tips will help you to renovate your kitchen without the help of a designer or contractor and to do it yourself that will give you a great kitchen at half of the price. It will discuss things such as putting in a Ottawa granite countertops and replacing your old cabinets with a beautiful Ottawa cabinet. Changing out the flooring, paint and lighting fixtures are also things to change in your kitchen renovation.

The first step is to make a plan with a budget that you want to use for the whole project. Now it is time to go shopping in some of the bigger home improvement stores and warehouses to research the different options and prices. There are many sales currently with the struggling economy that you are sure to find some great deals out there. Plan on all of the elements together that are important to you like the layout and how much you like to cook and entertain. What type of look will you go for: modern and simplistic or old world country? When this is decided, make sure you order the items that may take some time to get, like the cabinets, appliances and the countertops. These most likely will be installed by the store that you purchased them from so try to line them all up to being delivered in the same time frame.

There are many types of flooring that you can choose for your kitchen whether it is hardwoods, tile or simple peel and stick linoleum tiles. All of them can look fantastic and can be done by yourself. Many home improvement stores give how-to workshops for free on how to lay flooring so that is a great idea. Before you lay down the flooring, it would be smart to paint the room. That way if any of the paint is spilled it will drop on the old flooring that you are going to replace anyway. Lighting fixtures and window treatments can all be done when the paint dries. Follow up this by getting the major items installed once they are delivered and you have a new kitchen to enjoy for many years.

Bathroom Remodeling Simplified

Since the beginning of time our dwellings, or homes, have changed dramatically. Each of the rooms in our homes is nowhere near as simple as they were for our ancestors, with none of the rooms changed more than our bathrooms. It is becoming more and more common to remodel our existing homes than sell and repurchase another that seems to be more accommodating. There are mainly two areas a person will remodel or renovate; the kitchen and the bathroom. I know that my bathroom is a sanctuary of sorts. We all need a place to escape from the noise, read, hide, etc. and nowhere more removed than the bathroom. (Have you ever noticed, your children can always find you, wanting to talk about virtually anything, or just ask “What are you doing”?)

The Project Plan
When we have finally decided to begin the process of destruction and beautification of our “sanctuary”, there is nothing more important than laying out a good plan. There are a myriad of options here:

1. Hire a contractor – this may be an option, if you have the patience and funding to choose this option (I am still waiting for my “money tree” to produce “fruit”), sometimes, due to time constraints, this may be the only viable option.

2. Set a budget for yourself – don’t cut yourself short. With the daily rising of fuel costs, the cost of living is getting increasingly higher making this step very, very important. There are design programs that you can purchase for as little as $2.99 that will help you lay out your designs, thus making your cash outlay much lower.

3. Purchase your materials – remembering your budget. This can be a very tricky step because there are many retailers that will sell “second rate” products for a “first rate” price. Most reputable vendors will provide a lot of detail and pictures to choose the proper product to fit your preferences and your budget.

4. Start your project – now remember, it is okay to ask for some professional help during your project and this can be certainly done in different ways. The ways I found to be most time efficient, was by contacting my local hardware gurus and online professionals.

5. Select your d├ęcor items – towel racks, light fixtures, mirror(s), shower curtain, paper roll holder, paint, tile, etc. You can find many products to fit your preferences. Try looking at the bargains online and you will be pleasantly surprised on the cost effectiveness of the accessory items you will need.

I hope that this information makes your remodeling and renovation project simple and affordable.

The Right Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Surely you know that the bathroom as well as the kitchen is a very important part of the house and the most expensive to maintain and remodel. However, cleanliness and keeping the place clean and organized is important since people utilize these rooms for food preparations and eating, comfort needs and freshening up as well needs a nice place for the homeowner to have. Knowing how to handle the kitchen or bath remodeling will help a lot in eliminating the complications of getting the right kitchen and bathroom for your comfort needs within your homes.

The expenses of the remodeling is the initial concern on getting the remodeling started and you must start here as well before making the decision of getting right at the work of fixing up the bathroom or the kitchen. Be sure that you have the $16,000 to $25,000 for your kitchen renovation or $6,000 to $12,000 for the bathroom remodeling. Of course this amount will depend on the size and type of works you will have to incorporate in the remodeling jobs you find appropriate for these rooms in the house.

Be sure that you are also aware as a homeowner that you have to devote a lot of time and patience in the job you have going on in your kitchen or bathroom. You will sure experience a lot of discomforts while the job is still going on. You will not have a comfortable time moving about your kitchen preparing meals and eating. You will also not have the proper freshening up and cleaning up time you will need to spend in the bathroom, yet the effort will be all worth it at the end.

While in the planning stage regarding the kitchen and bathroom remodeling, try to remember that you will be able to achieve some cost-cutting when you do the planning right and complete. Let all the details be ready before getting the workers for the dirty job of reconstruction of the bathroom and the kitchen. The first thing to decide on is the design. Remember that while trying to cut some costs in the process, you must be able to choose the right design and style to fit your lifestyle and comfort requirements.

The most important to consider may be the floor plan; choose and communicate your decision with your contractor if you will have the open wall, one-wall, L-shape or U-shape floor for the kitchen. Plan the bathroom floor with the appropriate size and placements of the fixtures inside the room that will be mostly efficient for your house too.

Your devotion on the remodeling plan you have will depend on the progression that your contractor have. Make sure that you check on the progress, keeping the job taking longer will cause you to spend much more than what you budgeted for and all efforts on cost-cutting will be useless.