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Central Air Conditioning Improves the Comfort and Value of Your Home

There are plenty of options for people who want to upgrade their homes. You can do something as simple as painting or installing new carpet, or you can completely remodel the kitchen of the bathroom. When making your decision about what upgrades to make, think about how long you plan to continue living in the home, if space is an issue, and how you spend your time in the home. If you entertain and host dinner events frequently, a new kitchen may be a great investment. But if you are thinking about selling the home in the next few years and there is only one bathroom, consider adding a bathroom to your master suite. If the house has plenty of space, consider other upgrade options.

Does the exterior of the home need work? Would a new roof increase the value of the home or is a new furnace in the works? If you live in Kentucky, you can speak to someone from a local heating service company for advice about upgrading your furnace. They may be able to offer affordable heating repair and save you money on not having to invest in a whole new furnace. However, if your heating is a good shape, but you live in a climate that tends to be uncomfortably warm during summer months, consider upgrading your cooling options.

Window unit air conditioners can be very comfortable, especially in rooms meant for sleeping. The motors of the machines blot out other noise, and they tend to cool the individual room to a very comfortable, sometimes chilly, temperature. However, as far as cooling an entire home, they are very inefficient. Once you open the door of the room you are cooling, that room warms, and the unit usually does little to cool off too far beyond that immediate area. You could install a window unit air conditioning in every room, but your energy bills will soon sky-rocket to an unaffordable rate. Instead of using inefficient window cooling units, consider installing central air conditioning.

Depending on your current ventilation system, installing air conditioning may be fairly affordable. However, if a new duct system is needed, it can be a pricey investment. If you are planning to stay in the home for some time, and you are able to make due with your current cooling techniques, it may be better to save over a few years until air conditioning is more affordable. You may also want to consider your other options and invest in an attic fan or a swimming pool.

However, if you do not plan to live in your home for the rest of your life, air conditioning adds a lot of value to a home, especially in warmer climates. Potential home buyers will factor in how much they will save on the summer energy bills by not having to use window units. If you are selling your home in the summer, it will be especially inviting when potential buyers walk in from the blazing heat and your home is cool and comfortable. Central air conditioning is a big investment, but it is one that will pay off in the long run.

Get The Bathroom Vanity That Suits Your Available Space

Bathroom remodeling adds resale value to a home while updating the room’s look, use and important features. The new bathroom vanity you select will affect the function, feel and look of your entire space. The tone of the new décor is also set by the look of the new vanity you select. Before you make that choice, however, it is vital that you understand how you plan to use the space once the remodel is completed. How you need to delegate space for fixtures and cabinets will depend on how you want your bathroom to function.

Many design professionals will caution homeowners that it may be harder to design a home’s bathroom space than its kitchen. There are two reasons for this. One is that the space available for use in a bathroom is much smaller. The other is that every functional feature in a bathroom works with the use of electricity, water and/or a need to provide drainage. Building and plumbing codes must be followed to meet inspection requirements. Careful measurements should be taken and recorded to scale on graph paper so you know exactly how much space you have with which to work.

There are specific items to measure, observe and record. Among them are:

• the floor parameters

• the position of the window(s) on the wall(s)

• the precise location of heating vents/radiators

• the locations of water pipes

• the direction in which the door swings open and shut

• the location s of light switches, light fixtures and electrical outlet boxes

• the height of any window sill under which some feature may be placed

Now you can begin to pencil in vanities, plumbing fixtures and other attached details on your graph paper scale. There are specific minimum space requirements to consider in order that your bathroom is built to code. These rules state that:

• The minimum size of a bathroom with tub, toilet and lavatory must be five feet by seven feet.

• Powder rooms with only a lavatory and toilet just need a minimum of four feet by four and a half feet.

• Each feature must have specific minimum distances from other fixtures or any walls.

• Fixture measurements should be taken to each one’s centerline.

• Minimum clear floor space in front of the lavatory needs to be 30 inches by 48 inches.

• Minimum floor space in front of the toilet should be 48 inches by 48 inches.

• Minimum space from the lavatory’s centerline to any side walls should be 15 inches.

• Side by side lavatories should have a minimum of 30 inches from the centerline of one to the centerline of the other.

• Adults’ vanities must be between 34 and 42 inches tall.

Small bathrooms that are not just powder rooms but also contain a tub or shower can still accommodate a vanity. Pre-made stock vanities come in widths as small as 24 inches to 30 inch bathroom vanities. The range of widths for stock bathroom cabinetry runs from 24 inches to as much as 62 inches, or over five feet, for grand spa-like bathroom upgrades. Measure your space carefully, keep your list of functions ready, and you will be able to plan for the remodeled bathroom of your dreams.

Keep Three Things in Mind When Cleaning Your Kitchen

The two rooms that most people spend a lot of time in at home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Bacteria spreads quicker in dirty areas and the kitchen is a breeding ground for them. The tips below will help you in keeping your kitchen much cleaner.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you have things in your kitchen you don’t use, get them out of there. Anything you realize just isn’t being used anymore, such as that specialty food cooker you thought you just had to have, gather and give to charity or offer for sale in a yard sale. Many of us have extra mixing bowls, and measuring cups and spoons on hand. Store them together in one place if you can. The same holds true for your cookware.

You might be thinking it sounds like a lot of work. Of course, leaving them spread out around the kitchen and not being used at all is even more work as they have to be moved around to get them out of the way and kept dust free. Spending your time baking and cooking for your family is a lot more enjoyable.

Clean Up After Yourself

Instead of doing major cleanings in your kitchen every week or so, do it every time you cook, bake or even make a sandwich. Your sink won’t get piled high with dirty dishes and you won’t need to do any major cleaning later. Before you go to bed at night, take a few minutes to put away anything that was left on the counter. When you need them, you will know where they are. Following this tip on a daily basis will mean not having to intensively clean the kitchen very often.

Wipe Up Spills

Spills can sometimes be overlooked so, at least once a day, look for and wipe up any spills you find. These spills can consist of such things as a little gravy getting dripped from the ladle as you transferred it from the pan to the serving bowl. Start with wiping down the counters and then give the stove and refrigerator front a good wipe down.

You will have a cleaner, more pleasant kitchen that will put you in a happy mood. Remember, not only will it be cleaner and better organized, it will also be free of germs. At the end of the day when you set out to make your family’s mean who would not like that?