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Selecting a Kitchen Sink: 4 Things to Consider

When potential homeowners look at homes, they often look first at the kitchen and the bathrooms. Kitchen remodels often get the highest return on investment of any home project you can do. For this reason, many sellers will do at least minor renovations. They routinely get upwards of 85%, with the national average being 87%. This means you’ll get 87% of what you spend added to the overall home value, and it obviously makes your home sell quicker, often making up for that 13%.

Or maybe you’re not selling and are simply wanting a new look for your kitchen. Your sink will often be the focal point of the room, and what you end up using the most. Since you will be using it multiple times per day, you want to make sure you are getting the right sink for you and your family based on what you hope and need to get out of it. Here are four things to consider to make that decision just a little easier.

1. Use. The number one thing you need to ask yourself when considering a new sink for your kitchen is how you plan to use it. Are you an amateur chef? Are you a busy business professional making mostly frozen meals? Are you a stay-at-home mom with three messy kids? Do you have some extra money saved up or are you on more of a budget and need a quick fix? The answers to these questions will likely determine most of the following decisions you need to make regarding your new sink.

2. Material. This decision is the initial and foundational choice you will need to make. There are generally four options that people go with for material.

Stainless Steel – This is far and away the most popular choice for kitchen sinks. If you get a lot of use from your sink, stainless is the most durable and highest quality option. If you have kids who might be hard on the sink, this will be the best fit for your family. It is also a classy and elegant look that many homeowners choose when going for the modern feel.

Solid Surface – This is the second most common option for sink material. Solid surface means there is no lip between the counter and sink – it is all one. Corian is the most popular for this style, but there are multiple options. This makes clean up a breeze, as you can just wipe things right into the sink. They are very low maintenance compared to other materials, so this might be most handy for the busy professional types. It also, obviously, creates a seamless look in your kitchen.

Composites – There are several composite sinks coming up on the market. There are many colors available and are at a relatively cheap price point, so this is likely to be a popular choice in years to come. Beware, however, as the quality matches the pricing. This would be for those on a budget and looking for a quick fix.

Cast Iron – These were the most popular choice many years ago, but have largely faded from newer homes. Some people will say this is the prettiest looking option, but the material wares and fades over time. Heavy sink users should probably stay away from this option, and may be more ornamental in nature.

3. Gauge. This one will only apply to those who decide to go with stainless steel for your material. Gauge simply means the thickness of your steel sink. Most people consider many other things before thinking about gauge, but this should be high on your list. The lower the number, the thicker (and higher quality) your sink is. They range from 14 (very high quality) to 24 (low quality). Most chain home remodel stores (Home Depot, Lowes) offer stainless sinks in the 20s. Higher-end manufacturers will offer a sink gauge in the teens.

4. Bowls/Basins. The vast majority of sinks have two basins. This makes it especially easy for washing dishes, as you have one basin for cleaning and the other for an easy drying rack. These days, however, we are seeing a great variety spring up in bowls. You can get a single basin sink, which you will usually see for power cooks. These large sinks make cooking and cleaning large dishes a bit easier. Drying dishes is harder, but you can get drying racks that sit on your counters. You can also get a triple bowl. This will have two larger basins on the outside, and a smaller shallow basin in the middle that is usually used for washing fruits and vegetables. Another popular option is a single basin with a small secondary shallow basin. There are endless combinations of these to suit any of your needs and desires.

You may think you can just go into a store, pick a fancy looking sink that is on sale, get it into your kitchen and live happy ever after. If only it were that easy. The options are many, and the choices are often critical to the happiness of you and your family. Hopefully, you are now well-informed enough to make a good decision for the needs of your home.

Bathroom Wall Decals – Help Sell Your Home

The two rooms in a home that are known to help sell homes are the kitchen and the bathroom. A bathroom may seem like an odd choice but this is a room where people spend a lot of time and a room that is very personal. When people are looking to buy a new home, they will pay extra attention to a kitchen and to a bathroom. If these rooms are updated and decorated nicely, these rooms will help to sell the home quicker. Before a home goes on the market, there are things that can be done to a bathroom to update it and not spend a lot of money.

Painting any room, especially a bathroom is a quick way to freshen or update a room right away. If the room is small, opt for a lighter color to brighten up the room and make it look larger. Go for a neutral color so buyers have the opportunity to see a somewhat blank canvas and begin to picture themselves in the home. It is not advisable to leave the walls completely bare. A quick way to add wall d├ęcor to the room without spending a lot of money is with the use of vinyl wall art.

Vinyl wall art can be viewed as a type of wall sticker. These wall stickers can be be cut in creative designs and a palette of colors. The possibilities are endless. Many companies carry stock designs created for bathrooms. This leaves the proportion translation up to you. Be sure to get a design that is in scale to the size of your room. If you like a design and the scale doesn’t work for your situation, try to contact the company and get a custom size. Chances are that it won’t be a problem for them to change the size for you.

For a bathroom, the vinyl wall art should be on the smaller side as to not overpower anything else in the room and take away from the room itself. The wall stickers are very easy to apply and are easy to take down. When the new home owner wants to change the walls in the bathroom, they can easily remove the vinyl and start their new decorating theme. There is no damage that would require hiring a contractor.

Getting your home ready to sell can be a tough process. With the use of vinyl wall decals, the process is made easier because the decals work just like large stickers. They are applied to the wall, but do not damage the wall in any way. The wall stickers can be used in any room and will freshen it up with little expense in a small amount of time.

Train Your Pup to Go to the Bathroom Outside

Housebreaking your dog or puppy will be one of the most meaningful concepts you will be able to teach your dog. Often, we expect to have housebreaking accidents with our puppy, but we do not expect it when it comes to adult dogs, even though many adult dogs are confused about this too.

Sometimes your dog may seem housebroken, but still have an accident once in a while in the same places. It may be in the bathroom, kitchen or hallway. Wherever it may be, it can be corrected by taken some easy steps.

Try to understand where your dog is coming from when you has bathroom mistakes all over your home. Naturally, dogs will not want to go to the bathroom in living spaces. Wild dogs usually live by this rule too.

Your dog most likely keeps the room he spends most of his time in pretty clean. Look at his crate or the room he enjoys to stay in.

You may be asking, why is it then that my dog seems to consistently go to the bathroom in the same place? If he goes in places he doesn’t normally spend most of his time in, he may be thinking it’s not really part of his home, or where he lives.

Try defeating this issue by spend some time with him in the areas he seems to be confused about. By training him or playing with him, hopefully soon he will comprehend that this is a place to not make waste.

Try your best at eliminating any odors that may be lingering as a result of his mishap. You can try feeding him in this area too, because dogs usually don’t want to go to the bathroom where they eat.

Try leashing walking him to other areas outside for him to see that it is okay to go to the bathroom. This will not only provide him with some attention, but will train him into understanding that this is a place to go to the bathroom.

This will teach him from right and wrong. It also helps to catch him in the act when he is going to the bathroom in an inappropriate area so you can immediately correct his behavior.

Certain dogs will create a separation anxiety disorder when left alone for periods of time. Just remember that any changes in your schedule will affect your dog’s behavior. So be understanding of this if your dog has an occasional bathroom accident due to your changing schedule.

Hopefully, by following the above steps you will be able to cut down or eliminate accidents from happening inside your home. Developing a healthy bond with your pup will go a long way.

Remember that through obedience training, supervision and good praising when he does something correctly, you will be able to cut down on these bathroom problems. Once you are able to trust your dog, you will feel more at ease and be able to create a little more freedom for yourself.