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Choosing The Right Rooms To Undergo A Home Renovation

The most important rooms to undergo a home renovation are the kitchen and the bathrooms in any home. The reasons are quite simple. To begin with, both of these rooms happen to be the busiest in most households. With regards to the kitchen, many things go on here. There is meal preparation, food storage, cooking and eating.

In addition to these, the kitchen serves many other purposes for different people. Sometimes it serves as the place for homework, to sew, to do arts and crafts, and the list goes on to entertaining and gathering among family and friends.

It isn’t uncommon for big dinners and parties to be going on and the majority of the guests end up in this particular room. There is something welcoming and inviting about this room, the preparations that go on within it, and the different aromas that calls out to people of all ages.

As for the bathrooms, they are used very frequently throughout the day or night by family members and guests. They should be well organized, provide storage and be as convenient as possible. The layout should enable the users enough space to allow them to prepare themselves for their day ahead. As people have many things that they use each day to look their best, the storage has to accommodate for all of them. That could be a challenge in smaller bathrooms, but it isn’t impossible.

Going about either home renovation project, whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom requires thorough planning. Careful thought to layout and storage is of essence in order for it to be successful. But that is only the beginning. Color, materials, style and design will all play a huge role. Of course, budget will dictate a lot that has to do with the materials as well as the layout. For instance, moving key items like the sink, a bathtub or a toilet will cost much more. The same is true if walls will be moved.

With thorough planning and patience everything is possible. What is important is that all the needs of the homeowner are met. In the kitchen, along with all the above, there must be ample counter space. This will facilitate meal preparation. In both rooms, maximizing space is the key. Every square inch must be used accordingly to make them practical and functional, as well as beautiful.

Therefore, it is recommended to list all the must-haves of both rooms. Then, do some research. The research will give plenty of insight as to what falls into the budget available. It will also give some great ideas about layout, style, color and materials. Information can be found in home renovation magazines, books, on television, in showrooms, and online.

Taking the time to get ideas will prove beneficial. It can be the difference between a so-so improvement and the best possible. It will be well worth it to provide the homeowner with a completed project that not only works great but looks fantastic and increases the property’s value extensively.

Easy Home Improvement Projects – Improve the Beauty of Your Home Overnight

So, this was the scenario: it was Thanksgiving and Libby was hosting a dinner party. Somewhere between basting, baking and worrying about what time her guests would arrive (hopefully, after she finished cooking); she realized that she had overlooked one crucial matter: the matter of making her house presentable. With only half a day to make her home “party-perfect”, what’s a host to do?

Hosting a party tomorrow night? Inviting an important guest you need to impress? Well, fret no more, here are three fool-proof, tried and tested easy home improvement projects that will leave your guests with nothing but good things about your home.

1. Light it up.

Lamps, lanterns, Christmas lights, candles – all these things add a touch of whimsy and romance to any room. Good lighting makes even the most ordinary space look prettier, because of the play of brightness and shadows it presents to the eye. It is a proven fact that candlelight enhances the features of the human face, so don’t forget to stock up on that. And just a friendly reminder: stay away from white, fluorescent light. It does the opposite for your features.

2. The Art of Covering.

When you haven’t got time for major improvements, know this: what you can’t change, you can cover. So, go and buy new pillow cases and slip-covers for your sofas and chairs or get new bathroom rugs for your powder closet. Sometimes, even changing the hand towels in the kitchen or the bathroom makes a whole lot of difference.

3. Say “Bouquets”

Flowers are pretty and bright. So, spread them all around your house! You can never have enough of these buds. Just make sure you choose and arrange them carefully. You wouldn’t want your living room to look like a funeral parlor.

With these easy home improvement projects, you’ll be on your way to a good time. And by the way, Libby’s Thanksgiving dinner was a success

Kitchens and Bathrooms – Making Them Pop When You’re Pinching Pennies

You hear it everywhere you go: if you are trying to sell your home, the two places that potential buyers always look closest at are the kitchen and the bathrooms. The last thing they want to pay for is tired-looking worn-out fixtures, cabinets and appliances. If your budget is tight … and whose isn’t … then it can be a big challenge to figure out how to make these two areas of your house “pop.”

The secret to accomplishing this is to look for little things that can make a big impression. Among the minor touches that can help improve the appearance of bathrooms and kitchens are new cabinet handles, repainting the cabinets themselves, and a vessel sink in the bath.

You wouldn’t think that something as small as a kitchen door handle could make that much difference, but it does. Replacing those round, plastic knobs with a nicer-looking handle, maybe in gleaming gold or silver, attracts the eye. This can make an even bigger impact if there were no handles on the cupboards at all before. This little bit of new hardware costs next to nothing, and they are easy to install.

Another way to spruce up the kitchen or bathroom is the repaint the cabinet doors. Obviously, you should make sure that these doors are not made from laminate veneer or some other material that will not hold paint, but otherwise, this can make a major impression on a possible buyer. Stop by the library or home improvement store for help and advice on how to do this, but it is not at all difficult, and will only run you the cost of paint, a few supplies, and your elbow grease.

In the guest bath, a vessel sink can add a beautiful touch of elegance to your home. This will run into some more money than the other tips outlined here, but is not as much as you think. They come in virtually every shape, size and material under the sun. You can install these yourself, but if messing with plumbing makes you a bit nervous, then it might be wise to pay a professional. For an expert, it will be a small, simple job, so it shouldn’t break your bank.