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The OTHER Rooms – Remodeling the Rest

Often when discussing home improvements, we forget about the other rooms in the house. Everything is always about the kitchen and the bathrooms. It is true these are considered to be the most important rooms in the house. Improving these rooms always increases your home value and is the first thing potential buyers look at. Well, whether or not you are looking to sell, you want every space in your house to be comfortable. And if you are planning to be there for a while why not let every room in the house be expressive of your style and taste.

Many homes these days come with a separate living and family room. But some older or smaller homes may only have one central gathering space. If this is your situation you may consider a room addition. A Family room addition is a very common home improvement choice, especially as families grow bigger. A family room addition can be as easy as finishing the basement and making it a play, relax, TV, home theater space or it can be as big as constructing a whole new room onto part of the house. Such a large endeavor can give your twice the space if your home is two stories.

Putting on the addition to the first floor leaves a foundation for adding another room upstairs or expanding a room on the second floor. Perhaps adding a family room or enclosed space onto the first floor of the house could lead to the renovation of the master bath and bedroom on the second floor. My in-laws did it and love it. They finally have the master suit they have always wanted and plenty of room for entertaining and rambunctious grandkids. Whatever additional rooms you decide on, always make sure that you consult several contractors before making a commitment or shelling out any funds. Imagine how nice the extra space will be.

If additions seem a little too much for you and you want to make changes to the spaces you already have, you may be able to do it yourself or achieve the renovation or remodel at minimal cost. Are you thinking of a fireplace remodel in the den to create a new feel or perhaps you are considering changing out the carpet in the house for tile or wood floors? Take a look at magazines, shows, or the Internet to find styles that you like. You may want to develop your re-design based on some art pieces or memorabilia you have collected over the years. Find an inspiration and run with it. There are plenty of places you can go for design tips, color ideas, and creative guidance.

Remodeling the OTHER rooms in your home, whether a big task or small will really be a fun and educational experience. It is also a time to let your creative juices flow. One great benefit to remodeling the OTHER rooms is that any changes you make that you end up disliking will be a great deal easier to correct than in it would be in a kitchen or bath. SO, be sure to have fun.

Battle the Bathroom Mould: Identifying and Preventing Mould and Mildew

Shower Curtains: The Business of Bathroom Preservation

Home is where your health is and therefore it is important to maintain a healthy home environment. But sad to say, homeowners face several challenges in keeping their home hazard-free. One of the common problems homeowners experience is the mould growth in various areas at home.

Moulds can grow anywhere inside and outside the home where there is a food source and moisture. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are the common places where moulds are likely to grow. Aside from these, moulds can also grow in other rooms where moisture and warmth exists. A musty odor shows that your home has been attacked by moulds.

Mould affects our health. It gives a serious health risk especially to those people with respiratory problems or ailments affecting the quality of the air you breathe.

Moulds has been a continuous annoyance for tenants and property owners. A bathroom in this case is the most common place where molds develop because of its wet environment. It is a certainty that mould spores are all over the place and they blossom on dark and moist spots. A single mould spore can easily reproduce trillions or additional mould spores quickly which make it more alarming and hazardous.

A bathroom full of mould could be a nightmare. To battle the bathroom mould and having them successfully removed and prevented, an understanding of why it exists in the first place and where else bathroom mould might be hiding should be established.

Below are the five symptoms to find out the mould existence in the bathroom:

1. A sour or musty smell. It thrives in dim rooms that are warm and moist and mold spores frequently fill the air giving off an offensive staleness. These moulds are decomposing bathroom surfaces.

2. Bathroom has an earthy emanation, in the same way as a smell originating from a spoiling wood.

3. Loose or hollow sounding tiles. Poor tiling and caulking jobs makes tiles extremely vulnerable to leaks which may result to decaying underneath the tile surface. Moisture after a shower clings to corners and joints. An ineffectively grouted wall will allow water to penetrate beneath tiles. Black specs on the grout joints and caulking is an obvious indication that water has been making its way behind the shower walls and mould is developing beneath the tiles. Improper and neglected waterproofing application means the tile and grout joints are not properly sealed or not sealed at all, making the bathroom prone to moisture damage.

4. Sloppy appearance of tiles is a warning sign that mould can be on the walls or on the shower or washroom floor.

5. Presence of ants in your bathtub. Moist environment does not only support mould but also other species like ants.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to prevent bathroom mould is installing a shower curtain. Shower curtain, preferably with plastic one, as it is waterproof, convenient, durable and inexpensive could mean the difference between a well-preserved bathroom and costly repairs. Shower curtains help to keeping water in its place and it is a key component in controlling the water spread and splashes to the extent that it keeps water from wreaking destruction in the bathroom as well as everywhere throughout the home. Additionally, you should pay attention to internal corners, particularly where the tile meets the wall and bath, or shower tray. This is the area where water can sit and easily get under the tile and cause dry rot inside the walls.

Should the damage not be contained, seeking the help of a professional inspection company is the wise thing to do, as through in-depth moisture solution investigation, they will advise on the right cause of action. Inspection means protection.

Bathroom Vanities and You

A fool acts first and considers the consequences later. Yet thousands of men and women are buying their bathroom vanities using the same game plan. The consequence is usually wasted money and subpar bathrooms.

A wise man gets the necessary information and acts accordingly. He realizes that there are certain things you need to know, especially when it comes to buying something (like a bathroom vanity). So, what are the things you need to know? I’ve listed the facts below.

Antique vs. Faux (Don’t get had)

At the end of the day, there is a BIG difference between a real antique vanity and a faux-antique vanity. Most of it is reflected in price, but difference in construction quality and materials is also a factor.
So, how do you keep from buying a Faux, thinking it is actually antique? First, make sure to only buy from reputable sources. Merchants that have a reputation to uphold will clearly state which bathroom vanities are faux-antique, and which are the real deal.

And if you find a vanity online that is selling for a third of the price of your local improvement shop, think twice. Do some more research before pulling out your credit card, to make sure the seller is legit and you’re buying what you think you’re. Also, avoid importing “antique” vanities from places like the Philippines and China. Chances are they aren’t really antique.

Getting your investment back (Don’t lose equity)

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two money spots in your house. Buyers don’t get excited about attics. They get excited about bathrooms and kitchens.So it only makes sense that most of the equity in your house is found in these two areas. What that means to you is the more care you give in designing your Double Bathroom Vanities, the more your house is going to be worth!

Keep in mind that the vanity is the most visual part of your bathroom. You don’t have to break the bank, but do buy something that is sturdy and not an eye sore. Make sure that the vanity matches the overall style of the bathroom. Everything from the vanity hardware, to the mirror, to the tiling should have one singular appeal.
Putting it all together (Don’t mess up)

The old saying “he who fails to plan, plans to fail” couldn’t be truer when choosing your bathroom vanity. So, sit down and plan out your entire bathroom design (including your vanity). Get exact measurements of everything. Twice. And THEN, you want to work out the money you can afford to spend on your