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Nothing But the Bathroom Sink

Since bathroom sinks and vanities tend to take a fair amount of abuse in today’s households, they can often show wear before other elements in the room. By updating just the sink area, however, the entire room can feel refreshed, and if selling your home is a possibility it can also help to improve the resale value of a property.

If the finish has eroded and you are very attached to the existing sink, it may be possible to restore the surface, but many professionals will recommend installing a new sink, or one that better suits the room’s d├ęcor, if at all possible. In addition, stone and granite countertops are no longer just for the kitchen, with many bathrooms now boasting this luxury feature. Not only are they durable, but stone is available in a wide variety of colors and textures, which can help to complete the desired look and feel of any bathroom.

A new mirror (or mirrors) and new faucet fixtures will complete the upgrade, lending a sense of style and sophistication to the new look. Choose standalone mirrors or ones with storage built in, depending on your unique needs, but be sure that whatever style you choose nicely complements the rest of the room’s design. For example, if rounded edges are a constant theme, too-sharp corners could create confusion, while integrating curves could work to complete the look.

By simply replacing the sink and vanity in a bathroom, the entire space will feel new. In addition, it will provide a strong base for future upgrades and could be a strong selling point in the event that you decide to put your home on the market.

Kitchen and Bath Design For Everyday Living

The kitchen and the bathroom are perhaps the two most important rooms in the house which is why kitchen and bath design is so critical to the home. These rooms see a lot of the family members and friends throughout the year. For this reason, these rooms should be the shining gems of your home; functional, yet aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

When designing a kitchen from scratch a great place to start in the cabinet space and possibility of a pantry. Cabinet space is extremely important currently. There have been so many gadgets invented for the kitchen that are truly useful that it’s easy for your kitchen to become cluttered with them, especially if left out on the countertop. Yet, with enough cabinet space, they can be put away within a cabinet only to be brought out when necessary. If you have room for a pantry, add it without delay, likewise for a walk-in pantry. The pantry will provide a place for all of your non-perishable food items. In the case of a walk-in pantry, you may also have room for some of those small appliances or gadgets mentioned above. This leaves the rest of your cabinets for dishes, bowls, glasses, cups, serving bowls and anything else.

The selection of woods to choose from for the cabinets themselves can be daunting. Hard woods such as oak, maple, cherry make for cabinets that will resist nicks and scars and will last for many years. In addition to maintaining their functionality, they will maintain their looks as well. An alternative that is more budget friendly would be pine. They still make for pretty cabinets, but the wood is soft which makes them more susceptible to damage.

The countertops would be the next consideration. They can range from Formica to Corian to Quartz. Formica is the most economical, but more susceptible to nicks, scratches, and staining. Corian and Quartz are very popular right now, but do tend to be on the pricey side. The countertops that you will pay a little more for will be the ones that retain their functionality as well as their looks for a long time to come.

A bathroom has similar considerations to a kitchen, but there are some obvious differences. It’s not very often anymore that you’ll find a closet for towels within the bathroom itself, but this can be the case. Like a kitchen, when designing a bathroom you’ll have to take into consideration things like cabinet choice and color, hardware, and countertops. In addition to these things, you’ll also need to choose a mirror.

Whether a bathroom is small or large you’ll have to consider what type of cabinet to put in it. If you’ve done your kitchen cabinets in maple, you may want to continue that choice into the bathrooms. If your walls are painted differently than the kitchen, you may need to choose a different color stain for the cabinets. You will want to match the countertops to the colors you’ve chosen for the bathroom or just keep it neutral. Because of the humidity in a bathroom, Formica will not work in there. The humidity will separate the tops from the particle board underneath. You will need to stick to something like Corian for the bathroom. Finally, a choice of mirror and hardware to compliment the bathroom is necessary. These will pull the room together to bring unity to it.

Bathrooms and kitchens are heavily used rooms in the home. Comfortable atmospheres in each are important. Following the tips above with your kitchen and bath design plans will give you the comfort and longevity you’re looking for.

Some Ideas For Remodeling Your Kitchen

How many years back was it that you took a patient look at your house and its interiors? Usually people renovate their dwelling place for adding sheer beauty and color to their life. Most of us remember to think of it only when we see our neighbors redoing their house. If this gets you thinking of a remodeling of your house then it will only be right to concentrate on the most active places of the house mainly the kitchen where heavy duty activities of the day take place.

Natural stone like granite has become a popular trend in the interior designing scenario today. Granite used in household remodeling looks very beautiful and imparts an elegant finish to the entire look of the room be it the kitchen or the bathroom. Granite has been used as floor tiles as well as countertops. The sheer strength of the stone coupled with its shine and non abrasive nature makes it the most sought after natural stone in most cases of bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Let us look into the advantages and disadvantages of the use of this stone. Granite is both durable and beautiful, but it requires regular maintenance and comes in a wide range of colors. This natural stone is hard with a hardness rating that is second only to diamonds. Granite looks permanent and substantial and lasts a lifetime since they are almost maintenance free. In any incident of scratches or stains, the damages are repairable.

For optimum performance of the slabs, one should ensure they are installed correctly and arrange for resealing procedures once or twice a year. This makes them more durable than the ceramic tiles that are also in use for the same purposes. The universality of the beauty of granite slabs is more evident than that of ceramic tiles and can be further more professionally enhanced. For example, if you are going for a dark shade for your kitchen remodeling you can take expert advice as to determine which shade would be the best for your kitchen design. These days granite has become affordable and therefore more and more households these days can go for it.

Now that you know that granite finish in your house will brighten up everything do not miss this out the next time you are thinking of a change in the settings of the interior portions of your house. For more details and services you could contact That Granite Place who provides services all over Delaware and Maryland. They have provided granite finishes to households in Salisbury, MD and surrounding areas. So if you happen to be close by, feel free to contact them today.