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The Hottest New Features in Luxury Homes and Home Improvement

Have you ever seen the inside of a multi-millionaire’s home? They usually have the most spacious and beautiful décors as well as the most up-to-date luxury features. Do you remember when Microsoft creator Bill Gates had a special computer system installed in his large home? According to a few reports, the walls would turn different colors depending on who entered and that individual’s favorite type of music would even start playing. Today people are making their homes ever more spectacular. They may not have the whole home programmed inside and out, but it is much more common to see a computer that runs the security system, controls the thermostat, and turns on and off the lights. Here are some more great luxury features for new homes as well as home improvement projects:

1) A steam shower. The two rooms in the house that have seen the biggest changes over the last decade are the kitchen and the bathroom. Many people are turning their bathrooms in home spas. These luxury showers are enclosed and include steam options, water massage jets, rain showers, and even aromatherapy controls! You can get luxury shower columns with jetted panels that give you the ultimate shower. It is the ultimate spa experience brought home for your convenience!

2) Screening rooms. It used to be that only rich Hollywood producers had private theaters in their homes but now more and more people are making an evening out of watching a film. Recliner movie-theater style seats set up in front of a large screen makes watching a movie great fun for your family and friends.

3) Outdoor kitchens and dining areas. More and more people are installing stainless steel kitchen islands with stove top burners and refrigerators on the outside patios so that they can prepare professional meals while still spending time with their guests. These elaborate stone seating areas look beautiful especially if they overlook a landscaped garden or a pool.

4) Custom wine cellars. If someone is a wine connoisseur, then it is a dream come true to have a state-of-the-art wine cellar in his or her home. These rooms can look modern and chic, which is a huge step up from the dingy basements many people used to have. The homeowners can even display their best wines and use this cellar as a showroom!

These features are just a few of the many luxury home additions that have been made over the years. Steam showers and personal wine cellars are just some ideas for your next home!

Ceilings Must Always Be Considered – Transforming the Most Unused Surface of a Room

Albert Hadley once said that a designer must always consider the ceiling when decorating a room and the wind spinner illuminates that facet perfectly. Many interior decorators shy away from these products as they feel it is beneath their artistic sensibilities or that they simply do not belong. Plainly put, they’re wrong. Utilizing motors that hang from the ceiling of a room, wind spinners have finally burst onto the home décor market as a cheap, beautiful addition to any room.

Home décor is generally reserved for walls and floors, but the ceiling plays an all important role as well. People like to look up; it’s a sign of being optimistic and looking forward to the future. I know I’d rather look at something gorgeously designed and well-placed instead of blank, white popcorn spackle. This is where the wind spinner comes in. Most of these products require a bit of moving air to rotate properly, and fans may not always do the best job for what you’re wanting. My recommendation is to hang them on a swivel hook with a 30 RPM motor attached, and let it spin to your hearts content. A favorite spot is the kitchen nook facing a nicely lit area, letting light cascade in and off of your wind spinner, and I also enjoy having them in a living room where it can spice up the otherwise drab and docile air space of a room. The best part of having a wind spinner rotating inside the house is the fact that they provide a good talking point for guests newly arrived in your home. Contrary to what a lot of folks would think, the motor doesn’t get in the way of the viewing aesthetic in your home; it accommodates for the things around it and doesn’t draw all the attention to itself.

It’s about time the myths around wind spinners were dispelled, they can be used almost anywhere in a home and they will increase the value, warmth and aesthetic of wherever you decide to hang them. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there is no better focal point for a room than a rotating, light-reflecting wind spinner. Currently most spinners come in a range of sizes to fit most room décors, from 5 inches wide all the way up to two feet, giving most homeowners a good selection when it comes to finding the right one for a room. This affords interior decorators a wide range to choose from as well when their client wants to hang some spinners from the ceiling.

So basically, wind spinners fit great in just about any home style, from mansion to shanty they’ll provide a luminous example of your decorating tastes. Interior decorators should never shy away from these home décor pieces; they will be a fantastic addition to any room, guaranteed.