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Small Bathroom Designs and Ideas For the Smallest Room in the House

We need to put a lot of thought into small bathroom designs.

The two most expensive rooms in any house to renovate are the kitchen and the bathroom. Though in the kitchen you often times have lots of options when it comes to the bathroom we are very much restricted by the plumbing and existing tile work.

If you are like me you have probably spent a fair amount of time living in rented apartments and houses and when you could afford to buy your first house, invariably the bathroom was pokey.

Over time then, we have all gathered wisdom about the best ways to decorate or improve the feel and utility of the bathroom. For now let’s consider some basic ideas to improve the feel of the bathroom.

Your enemies in a small bathroom are clutter and light.

Remove physical clutter and visual clutter and instantly transform the feel and look of this room. There is nothing that will make the room feel even smaller than lots of tubes, bottles, jars, brushes, make up, soaps, bowls etc around the basin. (And that clothesline has got to go). If you absolutely must have them in the bathroom then keep them out of sight.

The other clutter is visual. Shower screens with big bold designs may appeal to the artist in you but for space, look to austere designs in light pastels or washed out colours. Similarly with pictures, rails and designs on walls, ceilings and if possible tiles. Keep it simple is good advice.

Lastly, light, light and more light. The bathroom traditionally has small a window. Remove curtains and rails from around the window. Use light colours to paint any frame. The same as the walls is preferable. Install frosted glass or glass bricks for the windows. Make the window as big as possible if that is an option and lastly install a skylight or light tube.

Flood the room with light and remove the clutter; two of the basic small bathroom designs that will transform the feel and look of your bathroom.

Remember, we all have great ideas that are worth sharing. Don’t be afraid to experiment and share your small bathroom designs.

Happy house redecorating.

White Starlight Tiles – For Kitchen Worktops And Bathrooms

White starlight tiles are fondly called “mirror stones” due to the embedded sparkling mirrors and many other crystals that compliment its surface. The white background has a subtle scattering of some other coloured crystals that add to the character of the tiles. Kitchen worktops and bathroom floors and walls are the places that accumulate a lot of dust and grime due to their heavy usage. By using starlight quartz tiles in white colour, the beauty of the surfaces is made to last a very long time. Their shine is everlasting and is the most unique feature that gives them the edge over other materials, whether natural or manufactured. You can even use these tiles in other places of the house like the halls, foyers, bedrooms, passage ways etc. Commercially too, these stones have gained immense popularity as the most sought after tiling materials.

Kitchen worktops and bathrooms need durable and hygienic surfaces as they are constantly in touch with water, soap residues, oil and many other spills. Starlight quartz is the most durable material in the market today. Quartz is replacing the use of granite for kitchen worktops in many of the modern homes. The best thing is that they do not need a sealant too. The unique shimmer and the colour stay the same way even after many years. This is not usually found in many other stones like limestone, slate or granite. This durable nature is found because of the presence of more than 93% quartz along with some polymers and resins. The tile itself undergoes stringent manufacturing process, which ensures that it is tightly packed.

Starlight quartz tiles have wonderful functionality regarding hygiene too. They are impervious and keep the surfaces devoid of any microbes. This way, you can enjoy cooking on the wonderful worktops, without the worry of germs in your food. In the bathrooms, where water is used a lot, quartz surfaces repel the water stagnation and do not allow mold to grow. Avoid complete seepage with proper grouting. This way, the tiles and the subfloors remain fresh for long times. Another advantage of white starlight tiles is that they reflect light wonderfully and create cheerful and bright spaces in the kitchens and bathrooms.

The large format tiles of white starlight tiles add a unique dimension to your interiors. You can pair white tiles with any other colours for added attraction. Use contrasting colours as borders or accents on the bathroom and shower walls. For kitchen worktops, use the modern techniques of rounded edges to give a contemporary look. The neutral shade of these is very appealing and creates an illusion of larger space in the room. You will find innumerable design options over the internet and design magazines. Refer them and create beautiful interiors that last a lifetime.

Lighting Options For the Bathroom

They say bathrooms and kitchen sell houses and they are right. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and at home in both of these places. There are small things you can do in your own home to freshen up your rooms. Upgrading the lighting is great way to begin in your bathroom.

Brightening up your bathroom is a great way to begin. You may want to consider a fixture that has more lights or a higher watt bulb. Recessed lighting or a few additional fixtures can also add light to the room.

Changing your light fixtures can have a big impact on any room in your home. That is the first thing home improvement shows will do when their budget is limited. If the fixtures are not easily changed, change globes or shades, if that is something that can be done.

If your light switch and electrical outlets are not located in convenient places, add or move them as necessary. A bathroom should be like a spa and you should not have to be inconveniences when you are in it.

Wall sconces and counter lamps are also great options to add lighting to your bathroom. Take a good look at your bathroom and see where you can add lighting that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom without being overpowering or adding clutter. The amount of space that is in your bathroom will dictate how much lighting you can put in the space.

Bathrooms are more than just places to take a shower. People want to feel at ease and have the lighting they need to get ready for the day. Home improvement magazines, websites and television shows are all great resources for ideas that can help improve the feel and look of your bathroom. Simple changes can go along way without breaking the bank.