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What Remodeling Can You Do That Makes Good Economic Sense – The Kitchen, a Bathroom?

With the current economic environment, and the crash of the housing market the impetus for remodeling has changed. Two years ago remodeling was driven by 2 factors – easy equity loans to cover the cost and a desire to invest in a family’s primary fast appreciating asset. Today the incentive to remodel and the factors influencing a remodel are threefold.

First, banks are requiring a 20% down payment to get a mortgage loan. Therefore, people that need to increase their home size or want upgrades will find it easier to come up with $20,000 for a remodel versus coming up with $80,000 for a down payment. Second, because equity loans are much harder to get, the remodel must fit a budget based on “cash-on-hand” rather than borrowing against the equity in one’s home. And lastly, people are motivated to remodel in order to maintain their home’s value in a very depressed market.

Due to these factors it is very important that your remodeling efforts, and the dollars you spend get maximum payback with regard to your home’s market value. Of course, your needs come first and foremost, but if you have a choice of remodeling projects it’s nice to pick the one with the best payback on your home’s value.

If you are planning a remodeling project it’s important to understand that your home’s value will not increase in a percentage equal to the cost of the remodel. However, depending on your choice, it is possible to get 80% – 90% back on your investment.

The two best remodeling projects are the kitchen and the bathroom. Both will return about 90% in adding value to your home, and both can be done inexpensively and without needing to hire outside help. Remodeling statistics show that the greatest appeal in both rooms can be maximized by adding new counter tops and wood cabinetry or refinishing any wood cabinets that are already there. The preferred counter top upgrade for a kitchen these days is granite, and with regard to the bathroom you should make sure that you have a bathtub rather than just showers. Future buyers might have small children who require a tub.

A third remodel choice is any project that keeps or upgrades your house to the neighborhood standard. For example, if all the properties have a certain style wood fence your property’s value will increase if you install a similar fence. Such a project is one of the few remodels that could result in a 100% payback in your value.

To keep your cash expenses down you should plan on doing as much of the work as you can by yourself. Not only could it be fun, but you can make up for the 10-20% shortfall you incur with most remodel projects. You might think that a big project will require outside help that will raise your costs, but that isn’t necessarily true. Be sure to click the destination below to find out about the perfect tool for anyone wanting to remodel their homes and do much of the work themselves.

Making Home Improvements To Boost The Value Of Your Home

So you have decided to resell your home, but you think with its current rundown condition you might not be able to sell it in a price you would prefer. Renovating it may be an option, but it can take a good chunk out of your budget.

Hiring professional renovators and home stagers are indeed expensive, but you can do a few home improvements yourself and save money in the process. Small and simple improvements can build up into something significant. Below are several ways on how to make home improvements to boost the value of your home without going beyond your budget.

Get started on the kitchen and the bathroom. Most homebuyers are very particular on these areas. It is better to check these areas for any broken fixtures or any repairs it needs. Many of these repairs can be done quickly and with everyday tools found around the house. Also, doing the minor repairs now will prevent future repairs that may need much costlier repairs.

Repaint kitchen cabinets, polish wooden panels, and check the faucets for any leaks. Scrub up the tiles and buy new shower curtains to give these areas a brand-new feel. Cleaning and repainting the kitchen and bathroom may seem like an unimportant chore, but it can do wonders when selling to potential clients.

Do a paint-job all over the entire house. Specifically, paint the walls, both exterior and interior, the ceiling and on the furniture. Choose light muted colors for the walls to give the impression of space and cleanliness in the rooms.

Resell unused items and old furniture in yard sales. This way, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted clutter inside your home and at the same time earn some extra money in the process. Also, a small profit can balance the minor items bought to give your house a newer feel to it.

Regarding the exterior of your home, start with mowing the lawn. Afterwards, plant potted flowers and grass on your garden. Landscaping and planting are good ways to improve the fa├žade of your home without harassing your budget.

Remember, maintaining a house in a good condition should not only be done after you have finally decided to resell your house. A well-maintained house is already of great value from the start and will not only make reselling it easier, it will also save you lots of money on repairs and other home improvements.

American Standard Kitchen Faucets: The Standard in Kitchen Faucets

If you want faucets that look well and perform well, American Standard Kitchen Faucets are the only thing you need. These faucets bear the American Standard name, so you are assured of top-of-the-line performance and durability. They are a known maker of complete lines of bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, bathroom fixtures, and whirlpools, among others. They are uniquely designed, and adhere to their high standard of superior quality and dependability. Regardless of your faucet needs, you’ll surely find one that will meet your demands. With their wide array of choices, you can take your pick from the best performing and the best looking faucets in the market today.

So what can you expect from American Standard Kitchen Faucets? These faucets could be considered as the output of decades of innovation; the best things in the past are adapted to suit the needs of the present, and would continually be evolved to serve even the future generations. With these years of innovation, you get simple products that really work. These faucets all bear the sleek style and stylish design that this manufacturer is known for. Put these fine quality faucets in your kitchen and you’ll achieve culinary convenience and ease of use, among others.

Another great feature of American Standard Kitchen Faucets is the flexibility in design. Since their simple, sleek, and stylish, they can easily blend in with the overall look of your kitchen. You don’t have to give the look of your kitchen a thorough update, because these pieces will look well with just about any theme. You won’t even notice that they’re newly-installed or that they’re out of place, because they possess a design flexibility that can only be achieved through years of faucet experience. You don’t run the risk of looking outdated because you added a new piece, because they’ll easily fit the look of your kitchen. This is one advantage of simplicity; you don’t stand out because of your awkward or inappropriate look. But despite the simple look, these faucets are still sleek and stylish, and of course, fully-functional.

If you have a kitchen with a custom look that simply can’t match with ordinary kitchen faucets, you can choose from special American Standard Kitchen Faucets customized to match your kitchen’s theme. It still retains the performance and durability they are is known for, so you don’t have to worry if it will last long or work well for you. After all, these are American Standard Faucets; they follow only the best standard there is.