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Wood Flooring – The Good and the Bad

If you are one who enjoys a rich tradition, then there is perhaps nothing better than some solid wood flooring in a den or cozy study room. Although many flooring surfaces have changed over the year’s wood flooring is still one of the most popular choices you can make for improving the value in your home.

The Best and Worst Places

Some of the best places for wood flooring would be in your den or great room or even a small family room. Combine your flooring surface with a nice wood stove, and some other decorative home d├ęcor items and you’ll find a look that is very desirable.

Stay Away from the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Some of the worst places that you can put wood flooring would be in a kitchen, because you can easily drop heavy cans or other items such as sharp knives and such that can put gouges into a wood flooring surface that might make it difficult to repair easily.

Another place that you might want to avoid thinking about this type of flooring service would be a bathroom. The moisture among other things associated with both the kitchen and the bathroom do not make wood flooring the best choice.

There Is a Better Option

If you are really counting on putting some sort of the wood flooring look in your kitchen or in your bathroom. You might look into the many selections of laminate flooring surfaces. Upon first glance, it is often hard to tell the difference between real wood flooring and laminate flooring, if done correctly.

The Benefits of Installing Hunter Ceiling Fans in The Bathroom

Hunter ceiling fans have found their way on almost every part of the house. They are cooling units that will keep the home a divine and refreshing place to stay in. Aside from this cool function, we can see that there are plenty of styles and designs that can be found in the Hunter blade units that can be turned into any stylish decor inside the room.

It’s no wonder then that they are customarily found in the dining room to give this area a very cool and elegant feel. The living room can really create an eye-catching welcome to the guests with this brand of ceiling fan placed in the center of the room. Kitchens and bedrooms are also usual places where these pieces of equipment are installed to provide cool comfort and pizazz which the homeowners truly enjoy. Another place in the house that can benefit from this brand of fan units is the bathroom.

Bathrooms may not be common places where homeowners install fan units. But, try walking into bathrooms with Hunter ceiling fans in place and you’ll see the big difference. Bathrooms, as we all know, aren’t huge spaces. They have very limited areas where the homeowners can add some style. Installing Hunter ceiling fans will certainly add some glamour to the space. The ceiling fans are easy tools to incorporate a stylish element in the room without taking any valuable floor space. When homeowners and their guests walk into the bathroom, they will be greeted with the beauty and elegance of the Hunter fan units.

Another benefit that can be had from installing such fans in the bathroom is the comfort that they bring. Because of the small size of the bathroom and the small windows that they have, it can be really stuffy to stay inside. Having ceiling fans, therefore, can help circulate fresh air into the room. The breeze that they produce would be soothing to the homeowners who are spending some time cleaning their bathrooms or doing some intricate grooming activities.

How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Children: Child Safety for the Bathroom

If you have children, you know how hard it can be to child-proof your home. The moment they are able to crawl, you have to constantly keep both eyes on them at all times. My daughter turned one a couple of months ago, but she is already an expert at running around our house. She recently discovered how to climb on top of the dining room table, something she has become quite skilled at.

Parenting is definitely a full time commitment, especially when it comes to keeping your little ones safe. Although there are hazards in every room, namely electrical outlets, drawers and cupboards, one space that deserves some extra attention is the bathroom.

Bathrooms can be dangerous places for children

Aside from the kitchen, there are more risks in this room than in any other in your house, save if you have a staircase that your child can potentially get to. Bathroom floors are usually made out of laminate tile or stone, and do not provide the cushioning effect that carpet does in the event your son or daughter falls down. As well, given that this space is where people bathe, the potential for spilled water and a slippery surface is not out of the question. Small children like my daughter are still developing their balance and coordination skills.

While I may be able to keep myself from hitting the ground, she is a bit clumsier. When you factor in the edges from vanity countertops, toilet bowl lids and bathtub/shower stalls, it is plain to see why bathroom safety-proofing is essential. Although you may not need to perform the same preventative measures for older children, there are still hazards that they can come into contact with. As such, being a responsible parent means knowing what to address and how to minimize accidents at all costs.

Making your bathroom safe for the family

  • Keep medicines up and out of reach; never leave prescription pill bottles or over the counter medication in reach of children. There is a very good reason why these products bear this statement on their labels. The best place would be at the top of the medicine cabinet. It will be even a better idea to place locks on the drawers. Child-proofing kits are cheap and effective at deterring small hands.
  • Keep the floor dry and lay down a rug; the majority of residential slips and falls happen in bathrooms, and this often the cause of wet flooring. Remember to thoroughly dry the surface after bath night. Laying a rug down will help your child’s feet grip the ground when they step out of the tub.
  • Always shut and lock the doors; there is no better way to protect your children than to restrict their access to the bathroom altogether. My wife and I are fortunate in this sense, as all of our doors are equipped with skeleton key locks (turn of the century home), but you can always install a handle lock. Kids should not be allowed in the bathroom unsupervised for any reason, at least until they are old enough to know right from wrong.