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What is the Foul Odor Coming Out of My Kitchen and Bathroom?

Foul odor from the kitchen and the bathroom can be very disgusting, especially if you have guests coming over. There is always a negative connotation about the smell and guests might think that you have unhygienic practices in your home. If you are one of the homeowners bothered with the problem, Cincinnati plumbers can provide you with a solution. They will tell you how to get rid of them and how to prevent them from ruining your house party.

Unpleasant odors may come from the buildup of food debris within the garbage disposal. No matter how new or old it is, food, especially the greasy type, can accumulate and release the foul smell. If it comes from the bathroom, Cincinnati plumbers think that it could probably come from the defective water seal. Traps in the plumbing system prevent the odor from escaping and entering the house. They contain water to seal the odor. However, once it evaporates, the trap becomes less functional and the odor starts entering your bathroom.

For the kitchen odor, the use of ice cubes, lemon or orange peels in the disposer help reduce the odor. You can then squirt a little dishwashing detergent followed by running cold water. The solution is only temporary. For longer odor-free kitchen garbage disposer, Cincinnati plumbers recommend the use of chemical solutions commercially prepared in many stores. For the bathroom problem, Cincinnati plumbers recommend that you pour water in each trap, sink, floor and water drain. The water will help in sealing the odor to prevent it from entering the house.

Foul odors are shameful especially if you have guests in your house. Although the above-mentioned primary solutions are temporary, they can help reduce the smell. If they persist, it is better to contact the Cincinnati plumbers to get more professional assessment and solution.

The Bathroom is a Great Place to Start

Visit any home improvement store and you will find many products to change the look and functionality of your home. You can literally change your home from the ground up. There are pavers for adding a walkway in front of your home. Down another aisle, you’ll find every appliance, large and small, that your kitchen needs. If color is what you are after, there are whole departments dedicated to paint, faux finishes and all the equipment needed to paint your way to oblivion. In fact, a coat of paint can dramatically change the look of any room without breaking the bank. But by far, the most popular way to change the appearance and often the value of a home is updating the bathroom.

If you’ve ever been in the market for a different home, you know that the look of the bathrooms is a big part of the decision. While it’s hard to accept that we value our bathroom spaces so much, we do. A house with good curb appeal whose bathroom was forgotten in the refurbishing will not sell. And if you look at the cost of re-doing a bathroom, it’s easy to see why some people don’t bother.

Bathroom sinks can an eye sore. First off, they have to be at the right height. A sink that is too low is a back strain and just plain annoying. But if it’s too high, younger members of the family won’t be able to use it. Pedestal sinks can be very popular. But remember that they don’t have any storage below. And there’s little room to perch your curling iron or make-up bag.

If you have the space, whether to install double sinks or a single one in the middle is always a question. Some may say if there is room, go ahead and install it and think about resale someday. But if it never gets used, that’s one expensive sink for someday.

Yesterday year, sinks were all round. That is far from the truth now. There are oval sinks and square models and even the occasional scalloped sink for you seashell lovers. All of these can be made is just about any color you can imagine. This year, black is the trendy color. But that will be out of fashion soon.

Another trend is sinks which are raised up from the countertop. They almost sit on top of the vanity. It’s somewhat of a fishbowl look, only shallower. If you choose this type of sink, you may have to wall-mount the faucet. This is also something quite new in bathroom decor.

Decorate the Home with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring, especially laminate flooring, has become more and more popular as times have moved on. It is a sign of a modern home and it is also more practical and convenient within certain rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. However, despite its convenience, it still needs looking after so you need to ensure that you have a decent laminate floor cleaner in order to keep it looking clean and tidy.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

The best laminate floor cleaner is not always the one which you buy from a store. It is possible and more cost effective sometimes to make your own cleaner and you should notice that it is just as effective as a leading brand. You may even be able to get away with using other household cleaners to clean the floor without damaging it which could save an awful lot of time and money.

Before you start it is best to try out any new cleaner on an unnoticed piece of flooring. That way, if the cleaner does leave a mark on the floor it will not be noticeable and you will not have really damaged anything.

Generally different cleaners suit different floors and if you are worried about which cleaner to use, you could always try asking the professionals. They will be able to tell you the best products to use and exactly how to use them. This might be extremely helpful in the beginning when you really have no clue as to what you are doing. However, the more experienced you get, the more you will be able to experiment with different products and methods.

One tip that you should bear in mind is that if you leave water on laminate flooring for long periods of time, it can ruin it. This is because the water expands into the flooring and it causes it to rise and go soft. You can purchase waterproof laminate flooring but some homeowners do not bother and that is when problems arise. So if there is a spillage, always ensure that you mop it up straight away.

If you do want to attempt making your own cleaner, many people have found that simple water and vinegar make a great cleaning solution. It has the ability to effectively cut through dirt and grease which makes it ideal for use in kitchens. Now due to the fact that excess water does cause damage if left, it would be a good idea to rinse the mop out as thoroughly as possible before using it on the laminate flooring.

Overall it is always best to experiment and do your research as to the possible products you might be able to use on your laminate, before you actually use them. A quick mop a couple of times a day should help to keep it looking clean and clear.